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Cross My Heart - Katie Klein 4.5 StarsI was looking for something simple, but good [highly recommended] to read, and I found it. This was a heartwarming story. Now, some would be put off by it being targeted at a young adult audience, but I've found, if these stories are done really well, they can appeal to adults of any age. This would be one of those well put together stories.I think we all can identify with the simple life learned fact, we don't really pick who we love, who we truly connect with. This story is about this lesson. No matter how much you think you control you life or you really don't control who you are attracted to. Another lesson within this story, is the age old lesson of "you can't tell a book by its cover". If you take Parker at face value, you may discount him. Jaden sure did. She didn't give him much credit for intelligence or accountability, until she got to know him. They were assigned to the same book project by their teacher and the story goes from here.Is it a bit predictable? Yes, but it is so well done, you really don't care.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't imagine anyone not, and you won't know until you try.Happy Reading!