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Scoring Lacey - Jenna Howard 5 StarsWoo Hoo!! Yes .. ! What a WONDERFUL read. Loved it. Loved the story! These two were so extraordinary. They made my heart hurt. It was a simple, heartwarming, smexy story. I can't wait to read more by this Canadian author.What did I like?1 -- Character. This book could be classed as a short book, not a short story, but a short book. Even so, you never felt slighted in the story. Do I wish it were longer, YES, but am okay it wasn't. Lacey and Shayne .. they were richly developed. The backstory wasn't deep, but just enough. The secondary characters, just the same. Not deep, but just enough. She kept the focus on the primaries; Lacey and Shayne.2 -- I love a story with a sport theme. I just do. I am a sports lover and know enough to be dangerous about most. This one was hockey. Shayne is a goalie for a Houston pro team. Lacey's parent run a hockey school. They give kids a great education, but also offer quality ice time.3 -- The relationship between these two. I've never been fond of the older woman, younger guy thing. I a firm believer in a good relationship knows no boundaries. Love should be treasured where ever found. So, she was older .. big deal. I thought the way the author handled this was absolutely perfect. It was a consideration, but didn't derail the story.4 -- The author's writing. This book just flowed. Never a glitch in the story telling. She really has talent. I just bought her other book. It is supposed to be a Dom/Sub book. So not me at all, but I liked this one so much, I'm willing to give it a try and have faith [hope it is not mis-placed], that she will handle this other story just as perfectly as this one. She has some really HOT scenes, but not for the sake of it. It does add to the relationship and isn't just space filler. I wouldn't say I'm an erotica reader and I think this would class as erotica or erotica light, but don't let that put you off. This author does a really nice job.My review may be as long as this book, but just feel so happy to have found such a book and have added a new author to my list. Just simply lovely!!Happy Reading!