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I'm a moody reader. I know what I like and love to share what I think about what I read.


It really is just that simple.

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Almost - Anne Eliot Okay, I didn't finish this one. I tried. Twice. Each time I got to 15 - 20% and it just didn't pull me. I was bored, I didn't see the point, and so just lost interest. It may be me, so for that I apologize. I've read where others loved this book. I'm very glad. It just didn't happen for me.I even tried to buddy the second time ;>(You may enjoy this, and if you do, very good. I didn't so can safely say ...You may not be Happy Reading this one.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++My first Amazon Prime book. So easy!! Hoping to really enjoy this!!Not available Nook. $7 on Amazon 03/19/2012.Oh, WOW! This is a Prime book on Amazon! Definitely!