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Dangerous Secrets - Lisa Marie Rice Free on Amazon 09/06/2012!Posted in August 2011:Well, I've read 4 of LMR's books in a week, and this one was the best for me. She writes an okay story and always has a troubled Alpha hero with a bit of sorrow in his past. Overall, good, if you need something to read and can't find anything else. This one was worth the read. A strong story to the end. This isn't always the case for her books.I have a question though. Without giving the ending away, did she really mean for a particular character to have an honorable ending? I can't say I agreed with this bit of the story. If you turn bad, regardless of the reason, can you have an honorable ending? I wonder if others reading this book thought the same thing.Oh, well... a good book - nothing over the top. I'll read more of her, but later. I'm moving on now.If you like strong alpha's in your storyline, a bit of a military twist, with a bit of suspense in the plot, this may suit you.Happy Reading!