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About Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox 3 StarsI liked this book, but had a few issues. Cath had multiple issues for somewhat valid reasons, but was trying to remake herself. Nev is trying to become his own person. So, you'd think this would work well and it does until about 50% through the book then it takes a turn that puzzled me. Up to this point, the romance dance Nev and Cath are on is a good one. They are beginning to know and trust each other. Then, Cath needs a donation for her exhibit and Nev needs a wife to secure his position at the bank. He talks Cath into posing as his wife. At this point, the book becomes very Monty Python-ish, and not in a good way. A curve ball out of nowhere. Just strange. But then, the derailed train gets back on track and all is well.Frankly too much "stuff" for this story. I think this book suffers some from editing down to a shorter Loveswept format. My first by this author, and will read another before determining the issue I have with the writer and/or style.What did I like/not like about this book?1 -- I liked the way Nev and Cath meet. They live near each other in London. They jog the same park and path. They ride the same train. They nod to each other occasionally. Then, one night, Cath has a few too many drinks and Nev takes care of her. He eventually tells her he has been attracted to her for some time. I loved the concept for this story. But, when the story took its weird turn, it then became just another story not really well told.2 -- I really liked Nev, until I didn't. I liked his honesty. I like his aggressiveness coupled with his polish. He was a gentleman and a gentle man, but he had no issue communicating his need or want of Cath. Very attractive. But then, the dishonesty. He needed to present a wife to his family in order to save his job. Cath needed a donation to save her exhibit and thus her job. He loved her and wanted to marry her at some point, so thought nothing of presenting her to his family as his "new" wife to secure both. WTF? Just out of nowhere and totally out of character for the Nev we were given.3 -- Cath was a strange one. She obviously had issues, but she was quirky enough we liked her. I think she was the honest one through the book. She kept herself very closeted from Nev, but we knew this from the beginning. We weren't presented with an inconsistent personality [unlike Nev]. She was the same throughout.4 -- I did enjoy the ending. The author brought all the pieces together in the end and we almost want to forgive her for taking us down the strange path, but I just can't do it. I'm not sure why the story unfolded the way it did, but I didn't like it. Almost like dishonesty in a relationship. You have us believe one thing, but then you show us another and want us to believe this now, just because you say so and I for one don't like thinking one thing and then finding out it was untrue. So, the ending was nice, but doesn't make up for the 25% of strange. You may not think or feel the same as I do. Therefore, you may like this a great deal more. If so, good for you.Happy Reading!pre-ordered for Nook - due out 06/12/2012