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Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis **** ADDITIONAL POSTING INFORMATION COMING SOON ****Overall Rating: 3.7 Book Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 3 = total of 3Writer’s Voice = 4Character Development = 4Story Appreciation = 4.5Worth the Chili = 3 [$7.99 on Amazon and B&N]I love this author and had this series on my “TBR” file for forever. I really enjoyed Dell’s story. I think Jade was just the right mix of sexy, touch and vulnerable. And, you add animals or children and you have a great recipe for me.Three things I liked about this book:1.) Dell and Jade. Separately these characters are really good. People you’d like to know. Put them together and you have an excellent base for an enjoyable story. Jade is running away, but running to find her courage. Much like the “cowardly lion” from the Wizard of Oz. She has always considered herself tough. She had been told this her whole life. One day she is held up at gunpoint and discovers she isn’t so tough and she fears she may actually be much the coward. She can’t stay in Chicago. She needs to be somewhere else and be someone else to figure it all out. She takes off driving and ends up in Sunshine Idaho. Dell has the vet clinic there. He is in the market for a front desk receptionist/office manager. In walks Jade. Now, Dell, he was once a foster kid but was able to figure out who he wanted to be. Animals and caring for animals fills that empty place inside. He has a very small circle of people who he will “let in” and over time, Jade becomes one of them. These two evolve and the evolution is heartwarming to watch.“Uh-huh.” She flashed a smile so contagious that he found himself giving her one of his own. “You seemed to like those differences last night,” she said, still grinning. He had. Christ, he so had. “And besides, we’re not really all that different. Although I think I’m a little more …” “What?” “Optimistic.” She nudged him with her shoulder. “You’re Eeyore.” He blinked. “You think I’m Eeyore?” “You tell me. I take my empty glass and try to fill it up with what happiness I can find. Friends, family, my work … And then there’s you.” He raised a brow. “Me.” She nudged him again, looking playful and damn sexy while she was at it. It was the short shorts with the boots, he decided. Or everything. It was everything. 2.) Once again, I liked the whole vet clinic topic. I think animals add to a story and it was the case here. I loved the parrot [Peanut], the St. Bernard [Gertie], the kitten [Beans], and all the others. I loved watching Jade interact with it all and then the pleasure Dell received watching Jade interact with his world. You just know Dell loved his world and he loved sharing this part of it with Jade. Jade loved it first then she loved Dell. It was so enjoyable watching this component of their journey to each other. 3.) Just when you think you are going to get a simple 200 pages to read, you pick up this “go to” author and she weave a delightful story for you with just enough complexity to let you know she can do so much more than fluff. Dell was a foster kid and had issues from his childhood to deal with. Jade had her fear and “lack of courage” to get past. I really like this author. When she is on, she is really very good. This book was good for me. It is the second in the series and can stand alone. I didn’t like the first one so much, so would recommend jumping to #2 and just skipping #1 totally.What three things did I not like or not appreciate:1.) The story was a delightful one, but lacked some depth. Just when I thought it may go there, it stayed on the surface. I know this author can take you deeper and at points I expected it, but then it just didn’t happen. Maybe it was the editing? Not sure, but this is a different publisher from other books I’ve read by her. This story could have handled a bit more depth.2.) I’m still not a huge fan of Lilah from “Animal Magnetism”. She is here in this one too, but not often. Thank goodness. You know how you just don’t much care for some people? Well, Lilah is “one of those”; Bless her Heart! 3.) The cost of this book. I know this author. I read the reviews of my friends and still it took me a year or so to read this book. Why? Because they wanted $7.99 for it. Why? Because of the publisher. I think a “just right” price point for this book would be at the $4.99 to $5.99 range. No more. I decided to “bite the bullet” and read it because I was in the mood for this author and I had read most of her other books. I’m not sure it was worth the price. If I had paid the “just right” price point range for this one, I wouldn’t have liked it any better but my rating may have been closer to 4 Stars versus 3 Stars.I liked book two in the Animal Magnetism series much better than book one. They can be read as stand-alone and I recommend you jump to number two bypassing number one. It was enjoyable and quick. It had good characters and I loved the “animal” theme. Another good one from one of my favorite authors. Happy Reading!