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Slave - Sherri Hayes This sounds good, but $9 [eBook] for a new author [Amazon & B&N], I'll wait a bit.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++3 StarsI'm so glad I read this book, and I hope not to offend any with my review. This book has me conflicted. Who am I to define the meaning of love for another? I can only define it for myself. I would not be able to love someone who considered themselves less a person than I. This is a story of love, survival and salvation.Brianna is a slave bought by the man who eventually comes to love her. He buys her to save her. She is being mistreated and this comes to his attention. He is a dominant looking for a new submissive, so his buying her poses no issue for this society. Brianna has been seriously abused and is totally wrecked mentally. This where I start to have issues. Rather than seek mental help for this young lady, Stephen works with her himself. There is nothing sexual in this book. Stephen offers tender care to Brianna, but to say she has serious issues - a great understatement. She continues to call him Master and to consider herself a slave. I agree with Stephen doing what he can to get Brianna safe - even "buying" her. I don't agree with the remainder of the story.Stephen falls in love with Brianna, but I wonder how? I think this question pulled me through the remainder of the book. Then, I had the epiphany. Love isn't for me to define for another, I can only define it for me. I wouldn't consider the foundation Stephen builds for Brianna stable enough where love can begin and grow, but this is my opinion based on my paradigms. Others may read this and find it a perfect place and good beginning.I found this story very disturbing. It is not my cuppa. I'm not sure I like the writers style at all and didn't think the backstory for the characters well developed. I'm not sure I'll read another by this one.Not sure if you will happily read this one or not. If you do, great. If you don't, not my fault. I tried to honestly tell you what I got out of this story.Happy Reading!