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The Genius and the Muse - Elizabeth   Hunter 06/24/2013 --Overall Rating = 4.5 Stars Book Cover / Book Blurb = 4 / 4 = 4 StarsWriter’s Voice = 4.5 StarsCharacter Development = 4 StarsStory Appreciation = 5 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars [$1.99 on Amazon] I forgot how much I like this author. I read this one in one sitting. Beach side. Love when you can find something to absorb you and spend a great day with all the things you like best ... sun, sand, drinks, and a great read.Here are the things I liked:1 -- The writing style or format for this one was unique. The love story evolves throughout the book, but in a very unusual way. She truely develops the muse concept. I remember thinking about how unexpected it was -- the evolution of the characters and relationship. Complex, but easy to follow. I won't give it away - just read it.2 -- The characters. You love them. Then ... maybe not so much. Then you love them again. She has your feelings and your planned outcome so twisted in places. I read her first two books and I think this author only gets better. She can really suck you in.3 -- I've never really gotten into the whole "muse" or inspiration thing. I wasn't sure what to think, but she did a wonderful job with this for me. She alternated POV's and not in an expected manner. Really nice.4 -- It was a Kindle Daily deal for $2!What could have been better?1 -- I wasn't sold on the blurb really.2 -- I thought it could have been longer. It was really good, but I hate to lose characters I've really bonded with after such a short time. I read this in like 5 hours [stop/start]. Hate it was over so quickly.I'm still sitting on the beach and right now nothing else comes to mind. I encourage you to read this one. If her paranormal books have put you off, this one is a good one to get your "feet wet" with her. I guarantee you will read her entire back list before you are done. Yes. She is that good.Back to the beach for me. I hope you give this author and this book a shot. You'll have to let me know what you think.Happy Reading!