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Without books, life would be sooo... boring. Don't you think?


I'm a moody reader. I know what I like and love to share what I think about what I read.


It really is just that simple.

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My Only

My Only - N.K. Smith No Rating for me on this one right now. I'm walking away. It is sad, sad, sad and I can't deal with this at this point. I may try to read more later, maybe/maybe not. I'm betting not.Thanks to Searock, Ian and Anna for the buddy read. This group is always good for book jabber. Unfortunately, I tried this Thanksgiving Week 2012 [puppy potty training via Bingo Eeyore]. My mind was on my carpet.On to the next one!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Book looks good, but never heard of this author and the price is $10 on Amazon for an eBook. I'll wait or take a pass on this one.