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Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo If I could give this fewer stars, I would.The premise for this story is sound, although not original, but still, could have been good. Why wasn't it? An immature writing style by the author. Also, the author writes very insecure characters. You have a women who is very insecure about herself due to a bad relationship and a piss poor family dynamic. She is a huge hockey fan and becomes the team photographer where she meets "the" hockey player. He takes one look at her and falls immediately into LOVE. Like watching my 5 year old grand-daughter play Barbies..."you love me, oh... I love you back - *kiss* *kiss*".Well, we've all read stories where this plot line has been done and been okay with it. What was not okay was the hokey dialogue and the h's constant "gratefulness" [not sure if this is even a word - but couldn't come up with anything more descriptive] for the H paying attention and wanting to be with her. She is fat and ugly. Can you really describe someone who wears a size 10 as fat or even "curvy". Her constant "why do you want to be with me". And his constant, "I want to spend all my time with her". And the details about date 1, 2 & 3... lunch, dinner, movies, ugh... boring. And, if you don't use tongue, how can you describe the kiss as the best you've ever had -- closed lips, mouth only. No drifting to the neck, no nose touching, no whispering breath, nothing - GIVE ME A FRICKING BREAK!! And, the interactions between the hockey players was ball-less. Sounded more like conversations between the cheerleaders rather than a group of guys -- come on ... enough already.Got about 30% and just couldn't do more. Too many good books out there and this was pure tripe.Okay, I was so in a sports mood and had read like 5 straight. This book broke my mood and now on to different and definitely better.Save your time and money, stay away from this book and author. More maturity and development needed.Not happy reading this at all!!