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That Boy - Jillian Dodd 5 Stars.Okay, 5 Star books for me are either very creative/unique, or pull really strong emotions out in me. This book tipped the emotion scale. It may just be me, but it really hit me right between the eyes. I was just cruzing along, reading a bit of a fluff story - cute, but just, and then BAAM. Baby it starting knocking my socks.. I really can't tell you why, or I'll give it all away, but I was just floored. Really fantastic read.Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to spend buttloads of money on eBooks - $5 is about my limit. But, I didn't even blink at the $10 price for this authors next book. This one was just that good. I'm jumping right into it in a few minutes.There were a few things I didn't like, but not enough to detract from my complete enjoyment of this book. This one will stay with me for a very long time. It may not hit everyone the same way it did me, but WOW!I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a emotional ride. One minute I was crying my eyes out, then I was hootin' with tears of laughter. I could be having a nervous break-down, but really thing it is the book [hoping - fingers crossed!!]. So, if you read this and really enjoy it - after my recommendation - I accept flowers and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order.. thank you very much [imagine Elvis's voice].Lovely, lovely book.Happy Reading!