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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher 3 StarsI refuse to give a book that pissed me off so much more than 3 Stars. Needless to say, I had a few issues with this story.1 -- Very little backstory on the key characters; Caleb and Olivia. We know a bit about their childhood and family history, but very little. We know they are in college in Florida, but where exactly? South Florida, where exactly?2 -- The selfishness of these two knows no bounds. Olivia is absolutely whacked. She has integrity issues, real trust issues, she strings poor Caleb along. Very immature. She truly see's the world revolve around her.3 -- Caleb enables this behavior by Olivia. It even gets to the point where her bad behavior creates like behavior in him. These two need counseling in a giganto way. Just terribly miserable people.I knew when he lost the basketball game just so she would spend some time with him, this was a story of two incredibly selfish and unbalanced people.It all gets to my sense of fairness and the logic of a story. It was a sensational story, but not terribly well put together and the shock of the actual story was warping.So, can't say I liked it, but am glad I read it. I am very appreciative of the recommendation and the encouragement to finish this book rather than bury it in the bottom of little Olly's catbox [my marmalade kitty boy].You may like it much better than I and I hope you do!Happy Reading?