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Wounded - Jasinda Wilder 01/18/2013 - 4.5 StarsWhat an absolute surprise. This book felt so authentic to me. It is a story about a war romance that isn't as much romantic as heart wrenching. Two people, totally alone in the world, find each other in the most war torn part of Iraq; an American Marine and an Iraqi prostitute. Somehow when you hear of the wars being fought in the Middle East, it is easy to forget the civilian casualty -- the innocence lost as we worry about whether our rental car will have an iPod hookup. This book gave me a glimpse. It does have a HEA, so may not be that realistic after all?This author is really very good. I think her previous books are those series novella's -- I stay away from. I was very nicely surprised and if she continues to write more in the longer format, I will definitely read more. Definitely not an authority, but ... she captures the dark, desperate side of war. Amazing really.