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Whispering Rock - Robyn Carr 3.5 StarsOkay, I enjoyed the first two a bit better than this one. This was a good story, but it got a bit cheesy in places. I also thought, it was Mike and Brie's story, but we got a whole lot of Jack and Mel. I like those two, but I've heard the details of their story. To the authors credit, I am reading these back to back, so may contribute to my issues.I seriously liked the way the author addresses social issues. Rape and date rape all in one book - and, she weaves the story so you follow very easily and seamlessly. I also like the method she uses for bringing the secondary characters into play, to the point they are almost as pivotal to the story as the primaries.Very nice read overall. I'm going to read the next one in the series and will evaluate whether I want a break then.I can see this series, this author, and this particular story, appealing to any reader. A young reader - not too heavy for them, a male reader could enjoy aspects well, and the romance seeking female reader. Nothing not to love with these books.Happy Reading!