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Virgin River - Robyn Carr 4 solid stars.I just loved this book. I'm probably the only person, seriously into reading romance novels, who hasn't read this author or series. Rather interesting why really. I didn't like the covers. They looked a bit cheesy and kind of "Debbie Macomber" like. I'm not a huge fan of DM. I suppose she is good, but too light for me normally. Maybe a good airport read. Call me a romance snob, but based on the covers, I thought this author and series rather too light for me. WRONG!I liked everything about this book. It takes place in a small town I'd love to visit some time. Loved the characters; primary and secondary. People you'd like to get to know, have coffee or drinks with. At the end, people you really care about. And I LOVE how she builds you to or takes you to the next story. Very classic.I really can't say anything new, or anything different from others who have reviewed before me. Suffice it to say, I immediately started reading #2 and plan to move on down the line. This is a series I can see myself reading over and over again. A very nice comfort read. Sure to deliver just what is needed when nothing else will satisfy.Why not 5 stars. I can just tell, this author has more up her sleeve. I think book #1 is only scratching the surface. This was a comfortable read for me, but no strong emotion; laugh out loud, crying, tingling, etc. For me, a 5 star read evokes some strong emotion, great back story, and / or huge imagination. This was comfortable. Nothing wrong in that and I'm reading more. What more can I say?Very nice!Happy Reading!